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Story of the creator

You clicked on a link that was hidden away. But as promised, here is the story of the creator:

The cliché that many of you might relate to, was that I didn't learn finance from my parents or school. I never had an allowance. But come to think of it, maybe it was a good thing? I had to be frugal and not spend money when I went out...

Then I fell into get-rich quick schemes. I paid for courses to trade forex, and fell for scams. I ended up losing $20000, which was all the money I saved up from student loans and working part-time. So yeah. That was a wake up call.

To this day, it's still difficult to find people that I could talk to about money (in everyday conversation). Especially in university. I think people would rather talk about exams and parties instead.

Also, money is a taboo topic. But that doesn't seem right... the wealthy have been passing down their knowledge of money the whole time. 

This is why I believe that everyone should be talking and thinking about money, as it is something we deal with every day of our lives. But I believe there's a couple reasons why this is not happening: it's complicated and it's boring. Complicated in the sense that most people would rather have a financial advisor take care of their finances. And boring in the sense that people don't even want to learn about finance, or talk about it. 

Then I quickly realized that I had to make a product that you could touch. Something that brought people together... Something that was exciting and simple. Aha! It was time to revisit the board game that was made two years ago.

Now you're probably wondering: "How was stamp created?"

Let's visit the timeline of stamp (if you haven't already)...