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Why is the game called stamp?


You will be stamping the board when you land on a space. That is how you will move your character, known as your “color.”


Why use stamps?


Most of the time, you can only stamp a space once to do what it says. So to keep track of this, you stamp to leave a history of where you went. 

This can also unlock other areas of the board. For example, when you stamp "Talent," you get a reward when you perform at the "VENUE"

How do you remove the stamp marks after?

You don’t... at least not right now. After the game, you can recycle the board papers. The boards come as 100% recyclable papers, and the game comes with 3 boards. 


How are your board papers recyclable? ♻️


The papers we use are environmentally-friendly papers and FSC certified (met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council) which are recyclable on both sides.

We also laser print the papers. According to research, papers recycled from laser printers retain their printing performance. This is because laser-printed inks can be removed from paper fibers more conveniently, since it does not penetrate deep into the paper. For example, a paper recycled with no printing done holds a 91.81% brightness value. With a laser-printed paper, it upholds an 88.51% brightness value.


Why does it only come with 3 board papers?

At Stamp, we want everyone to have the opportunity to try it. The truth is, not everyone will play Stamp over and over again. This helps keep our cost low, as you get 3 games to try, play and learn. 

Are you selling the boards by itself as well? 

Right now only the main game is released.


What's your return policy?


We have a 60 day return policy. Please read for more information here:


Where are some reliable resources that I can learn about finance?


McGill University offers a free personal finance course. It takes 3-4 hours to complete and the information is bite-sized. You also get a certificate at the end of the course, for bragging rights of course. 


Where can we provide you feedback or contact you for support?

Please feel free at