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The rent-to-own store

In this business model, they sell furniture ranging from electronics to beds, then they provide loans for people to buy these products. 

What people don’t realize is that most of their products are marked up by over double the retail price! For example, a Samsung 4k 65 inch TV was selling for $2028, whereas it costs just $899 at Best Buy. But people buy it because they see the price tag as $39 per week for 52 weeks.

People that buy can spend up to 3 years paying off these weekly fees! A simple math calculation would have told them it’s not worth it.

However, some people can’t afford to buy a TV outright, so they might want to pay that easy $39. However, that's a trap and it’s never good to put yourself into that consumer debt trap.


Also, it’s called rent-to-own because you can’t keep the product until you paid it off in full. Meaning if a customer stops paying, they will have to return it and their credit score might get dinged.

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