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The $2080 Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch costs 5 times more than what you can get at Best Buy. ⁣


It's just a regular Nintendo Switch... but it's expensive because you have to lease it. You have to make these weekly payments for 2 years, and you don’t get to keep it until you pay the full amount. 

So why do people fall for this? Because of lack of financial knowledge. People think “Wow, I can get a Nintendo Switch right now and only pay $20 per week.”


Now you might ask, can you stop paying it and get away with it? The answer is no, they have your credit information. 

Statistically, 15% of this company’s loans will never be paid off. But they stand to make a lot of money from regular customers that do pay the full price. Therefore, this company makes a lot of money. They are a "cash cow". But I would not be their customer because it's a waste of money to lease a household item.

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